Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Hydrogen DeCarbonising Safe for My Engine?
Yes, hydrogen de-carbonising is 100% safe for your engine. The product and technology has been extensively tested by various professionally bodies. It also does NOT use any Chemicals or Additives in its process thus making it environmentally friendly as well.
How Do I Know If My Car Needs to Be DeCarbonised?
If your car has clocked over 40,000 km and you start noticing that power has dropped, engine feels sluggish and not as responsive as before, there's a high chance that carbon build-up has occurred. Other signs include increase in engine noise, roughness and dark black smoke when revved
How Often Do I Need to DeCarbonise My Engine?
For petrol cars, it is recommended to do hydrogen cleaning or de-carbonising at every 10,000 km or manufacturer's recommended service intervals.

For diesel powered vehicles, the recommended de-carbonising interval is between 7,000 km to 10,000 km.

For motorbikes, it is recommended at every 5,000 km intervals.

However the de-carbonising intervals also depends on a few factors, such as;
a. Is the engine properly tuned?
b. Is the vehicle driven slowly or constantly driven in town traffic or traffic jams?
c. Is the vehicle left idling often?

All these factors accelerate carbon build up.

Which Parts of The Engine Gets DeCarbonised?
Any component that comes in contact with the combustion chamber.
a. Piston head
b. Spark Plugs
c. Intake & Exhaust valves (underneath)
d. Combustion Chamber
e. Diesel Injector nozzle
What Types of Vehicles Can Be DeCarbonised?
We can treat the following vehicles:
a. Cars (Except Hybrid & Rotary engines)
b. Motorbikes
c. Fork Lift
d. Vans
e. Light Commercial Vehicles
f. Go-Karts too! As long as it is a petrol or diesel engine
How Many Treatments Do I Need To Do For My First Hydrogen Cleaning/DeCarbonising?
In general, for the initial treatment, we recommend 1 treatment to be done for every 50,000 km travelled, i.e. if your vehicle has already travelled over 100,000 km before the first treatment, then we would recommend 2x intensive treatments.
What Are the Available Payment Modes?
We accept the following:

  • CASH
  • PAYPAL (Coming Soon)
  • BITCOIN (Coming Soon)

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